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Full Version: How to verify that you are 18+ years or older.
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Hello Companions, here is how you can verify that you are a legal adult 18+ years of age, you must verify me personally or another site staff (head companion) a photo of your legal birth date, this can be a drivers license, government ID, or something else of your records. We will never share this information with third parties. All rules and terms of the registration section of the site shown to all new users upon registering to TimeLierG Companions are in place.

Once you verify that you are the age of eighteen (18+) or older you may access the adult section and adult content this site has to offer which is submitted by other users. If you are unverified you cannot access any adult content on this website and forum, thank you for staying with us!

Note, all users have a badge signifying that they are verified or unverified.