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Stuck on the second floor?
I think i encountered a glitch while on the second floor of the tower. I was trying to collect everything before going upstairs and its like i fell through the floor into some kind of basement while the screen was flickering. Its like im out of bounds except in an unintended area in a maze. I played for a little while in this glitch like state while wearing the monk gown but i dont see anywhere to go it just keeps looping back to the start of the "basement". Oh and i found a bracelet too while i fell down there. Im not sure what it does though. I closed out of the game and restarted as i heard some strange audio that kept getting louder while in the basement. I think its normal now though.
Did we hear the same sound? I was on the first floor and noticed something etched on one of the walls in one of the eastern rooms, looked like a man in a hat with weird eyes and a noise started getting louder just as you described, I had to take my headphones off. Leaving the room fixed the sound but when I reentered the hat person was gone, someone must have splashed paint on the wall, heh.

It wasn't really a short noise though. It was more like some kind of melody as distorted as it was, kind of gave me the creeps. It doesn't help that the man in the hat drawing just up and vanished.

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