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Companion's Luck Day 2023
It is Companion's Luck Day 2023, everyone can now earn these items.

Companion Clover - Obtained randomly from Companion's Luck Day. (March 17th - March 19th.)
Gold Companion Clover - Obtained randomly from Companion's Luck Day 2023. (Discontinued after event.)
Pan's Clover Hat - Obtained very rarely from Companion's Luck Day.
Lucky Egg (2023) - Obtained by being online during Companion's Luck Day 2023.

Other Updates:
* Changed how the Verified Furry badge is obtained.

It will be handed out manually if we think you are genuine, I've made a post regarding this before and if you haven't seen it I will sum it up here. The last few years there has been an intentional push to unnaturally convert people into liking / being furries, it's being pushed in schools, colleges, on the media, in the news, etc. This is unacceptable and I have prioritized gatekeeping as much as I can within our own community here. I will not allow waves of posers to join our flock and neither will the majority of real furry communities. They've attempted to do this with other communities in the past, converting others into thinking they are of a specific race, sexuality, and so on. You are either a natural (insert thing here) or were indoctrinated into thinking you are that thing unnaturally. The badge itself will be easier to obtain if you were a furry before all of this stuff started happening around 2016. If you want my further thoughts on this then visit this thread.
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