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Companion Y2K Nostalgia Event
~ TimeLierG Companions Y2K Nostalgia Event. From April 22nd - May 5th 2023. ~
Hello Companions, welcome to a limited time event. There are a few items and an egg to obtain, and a new theme. Even though this is titled as a Y2K event I wanted this to be a tribute to the old internet as a whole, so let us bring back these times and keep them alive eternally as is what I made this site to be about in the first place when I first created it. I have also added a permanent feature to the site (if others want it to stay), the game review section. You can now review a game, rate it, and add cheats for said game. This is to emulate those sites you'd see back in the day that had those ridiculous cheat codes which even back then seemed fake, although I ask you to add real ones as well if you do plan on adding fake ones for the lulz.

Here are the items you can obtain.
TLGC Y2K Badge - TLGC Y2K Badge.
Y2K Glasses - Y2K Glasses.
Y2K Egg - Y2K Egg.
The egg is given to those who have signed in or were already signed in during the event from April 22nd - May 5th. As for the other two items for your inventory, they are earned when you make a post during the event. As for any kind of festivities during the event, I was originally going to have music playing on here but I couldn't get it to work so the only other thing that will be happening is me posting some stuff from my own early internet archive on certain boards, like the nostalgia or video games boards. I have some cool stuff like old game save files from 1999 to later years up until 2007 and funny forum posts from back then. Enjoy the event and let's get this site up and living again.
oh its a miracle i am back in the days of shloopingas

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