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TimeLierG Companions MC Server Update #2 - TimeLierG - 06-30-2021

TimeLierG Companions Server IP:

I have spent a long time working on this MC server and I intend to keep it up and running forever. The spawn city which I call the Companion City has been created by me a long time ago but I still continue to work on it to this day, feel free to explore it and browse the shops I created. Every player starts with ¥10,000 and can obtain jobs to earn this currency. It is a survival economy server with claims, MMO plugins, highscores, RS and furry gui / textures, anti cheat, anti grief, and much more. Come in and be remembered!

This is the same server and map from a year and half ago at the time of me writing this, I NEVER change maps.

I will create a download of the map in the future, I would like to share the spawn city I made as it's quite large and I think people would enjoy it.

Current updates / changes:

* Cleaned the server files.
* Extended the Companion City.
* Added five additional shops to the Companion City.
* Added two new jobs.
* Currently adding a Crescent Quest themed area.