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  Found a 2009 Pokemon Platinum save file.
Posted by: TimeLierG - 06-13-2024, 10:23 PM - Forum: TimeLierG Blog / Archive - No Replies

Found a 2009 Pokemon Platinum save file, thought it would be neat to document it. I wonder if "Chaos ww" is still out there on the internet somewhere. Bonus, the Dragonite is proud of it's power, someone will be happy about that.


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  Region Restrictions and Bans - 6/7/2024
Posted by: TimeLierG - 06-07-2024, 12:27 PM - Forum: Site Updates / News - No Replies

Hello, to ensure the safety of our users and the site we will be blocking any connections and accounts from these following regions; India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and China.

There have been way too many reports of users signing up and signing in from these regions only to attempt to scam our users or lure them to shady websites, sometimes this is done by bots and sometimes it's not done by bots, if someone adds and then asks you to purchase an artwork commission I would highly advise against it unless you know for a fact that you can trust this individual, this also goes for off-site links. A line has to be drawn at some point, it's also worth saying that we are based in the United States, our users are mostly from the US and Japan, we have a culture that we must protect and keep safe, if someone wants to join our site they must adapt and adhere to our culture, our rules, and these regions? They aren't doing it so they are banned from accessing our site and services.

If you are from one of these regions and would like to join you could try messaging us first, if we see you are a genuine individual and think you would fit in here then we will allow you access to our site and services.

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  Add me on Roblox!
Posted by: TimeLierG - 06-06-2024, 11:16 AM - Forum: TimeLierG Blog / Archive - No Replies

I've been active again recently.


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  Cressora Castle Contests Introduction
Posted by: TimeLierG - 06-04-2024, 04:13 PM - Forum: Newsbag - No Replies

Dear Crescent Knights, this is an announcement regarding our past competitions and contests. I know not many were a part of them, the Blue Moon Cape contest has never been finished at the time of me writing this, perhaps due to the reward simply having a players name in the item description. Even if someone has found that cape perhaps they did not know there was a contest for it, from now on I will be doing the contests differently.

This is the first "Cressora Castle Contest" - a more elaborate series of contests that will surely allure you. Someone new has moved into Cressora Castle, a friendly old fellow who is a powerful mage from the north, he will provide more details to each and every contest as well as tell you who won each contest. If you are a winner of a contest he will also give you a prize, these aren't just in-game prizes though as some contests will give you real ones! As a contest winner you will be given an item (badge) on our site here, recognition in Crescent Quest to immortalize yourself, and the virtual or real life item.

Keep in touch, Crescent Knights.

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  Crescent Quest 1.7.7 - The Ruins of Faerblight Expansion
Posted by: TimeLierG - 06-02-2024, 11:56 AM - Forum: Update Notes - No Replies

Hello Crescent Knights, welcome to Crescent Quest version 1.7.7. There's quite a few updates in here.

After the release of the The Winter Tribunal expansion in November 2023, the next expansion, The Ruins of Faerblight is here. Will you send yourself into the old, abyssal ridden city and claim the old crowns of Itckhazan for yourself? Many have left to do the same but have yet to return...

* A special event is here from June 7th - July 3rd, you can claim a Garwerie Isle Map for a limited time at the Cressora Town portal and use it at the port in Lusnayin City. This will be distributed once more in the future before it is entirely discontinued.

* A second event is here for this month, you can claim a Bucket of Rainbows which allows you to paint your crescent cannon a variety of colorful patterns. This item will return in future events.

* Speaking of event related items, whenever a limited time event happens that offers a discontinued item it may not feel special to some as this is a single player game, aside from screenshots and videos you can't show off your rare items and on top of this it may be difficult to prove that you got that item legitimately. This is where the "genuine item program" comes in, you can now post a screenshot of your character with said discontinued event item during the same event you got it from and have a badge of it on our site forums. This will only work during an event, not after! If you'd like to access our forums you can find the link to them in-game through the settings menu under key items.

* Added Hardcore Mode, this has been in the works for a very long time. When starting a new game and choosing this mode you will have the same game experience as Standard Mode but should you be defeated by certain bosses or during the final boss of a raid you will lose all of your experience in skills, certain items, all of your currency, your hardcore title and more. Upon defeat you will revert back to Standard Mode. While in Hardcore Mode you will also earn a new currency that can soon be spent at an exclusive shop.

* Added an interface with a compass, health and energy meter, and a sun and moon depending on what time it is.

* Added Stable and Unstable Golems, these can be found in the Sauldrabe Kingdom and require 1,972,334 Slaying experience to duel, you may be wondering what they drop but I'll leave it up to you to find out.

* Added a day and night cycle, this was in the game at some point in 2017 but didn't work properly but finally got it working for this update. The old one I planned to implement went by the system clock however this one works only through in-game time.

* Added the first raid to the game, this has been in development since around two years ago but has mostly been in my design and planning documents without anything done in the game itself until now. I removed a level requirement to access the raid because there's going to be a few players who want the challenge of completing content at low levels. I would recommend bringing some Abyssal and Blood (a new element) resistance.

* Updated the settings menu, fixing a save file now fixes it better and will give you any key items from any recent updates, this is so those with older save files can still experience everything such as the Crafting Kit and Crescent Quest Manual if anyone started playing before those items were introduced, this will also work for the new interface and icons.

* Altered the designs of many towns and cities across Crescent Quest, this is more than just a graphical or game detail update. I had a secret area south of the Keedbalt colosseum, it's been there since around 2016, this has been remade into a new town that requires one hundred Renown to enter.

* Fixed the backgrounds of specific duels.
* Fixed the Crescent Mansion quest, if you are stuck in it then check the hole in the wall by the door again.
* Fixed the Pendant of Greed effect working even when it's not in the players inventory.
* Fixed sign dialogue referring to an unused mechanic in the Keedbalt Station.
* Fixed specific barrels disappearing after searching them.

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  im cosplayingus as your father
Posted by: PongusMcShlongus - 05-29-2024, 03:47 PM - Forum: Cosplay / Style Board - No Replies

and theres nothingus you can do about it how about that https://imgur.com/a/h0OSNIE

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  Information / How to Use
Posted by: TimeLierG - 05-29-2024, 07:58 AM - Forum: Genuine Item Program - No Replies

1. Obtain the limited event item of your choice in-game by participating in the event, the event and event item must still be active and obtainable, the event cannot be over.

2. Take a screenshot or video of the item on your character or in your inventory and then select the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of this page or any other page on our site, alternatively you can post the screenshot on our forums either in the Crescent Quest section or one of our game related boards.

3. If you decide to choose the "Contact Us" option then simply send a link to the screenshot you took.

4. Enjoy your genuine item badge for your profile.

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  RuneScape Dreams and Games with Mystical Auras.
Posted by: TimeLierG - 05-27-2024, 04:53 AM - Forum: TimeLierG Blog / Archive - No Replies

I've always had dreams about RuneScape, it's one of those games with a mysterious and intriguing aura around it, everyone who has played back in the day always feels a certain way about it, it brings forth many different kinds of emotions, especially nostalgic ones, emotions of an era that has since passed. There's a few games that capture this feeling and it almost always seems to be retro ones but it's not due to what some would call "nostalgia goggles", for example I first played Nights into Dreams in 2017 and was completely captured by the mood of the game, it lured me in and has that mystical feeling RuneScape does despite me having not played NiGHTs before that year. An example of a few modern games that have this feeling would be the alpha / beta versions of Minecraft and to a lesser extent, Undertale.

I can't really put this feeling into words so I will describe it like this, these games feel as though they have more to them than what meets the eye, as if you could stumble across something nobody has found before, unknown knowledge. Older games were often more colorful, vibrant, but some were also dark and gritty, most modern games that aren't indie ones go for a "realistic" aesthetic with many asset clashes, it feels entirely soulless, the characters and world look as though they are made of plastic, the look, feel, and design of the world itself in these soulless modern games are not made for exploration and discovery, there's no places, caves, or rooms with no content in them that make the players simply look at objects in said places, caves, and rooms, in lazy modern games everything must have a purpose, there is no role playing aspect to them or immersion.

Old Minecraft, despite having randomly generated worlds, has this feeling of discovery, mystery and is more immersive to be in it's world than almost every modern game on the market currently. It helps that it was made by one developer, Notch, having one developer means the direction of the game is consistent and has true and full meaning instead of it being designed by a full team of developers with different memories, souls, ideals, experiences, and so on. To be fair I feel the game lost it's charm while he was still working on it in later years,at one point the game lost the feeling of mystery, if I had to give a range of when this happened it would be around the time when hunger and enchanting was added and the game looked more "clean". I don't have an answer on why the games I mentioned have this "mystic" appeal, I can try to explain it but there's no true answer for it. Some games just feel like magic, it's what I strive for when working on Crescent Quest, for the game to have this feeling.

Anyway, about the dream I had, it was of this oddly specific spot behind the wall of Yanille near the willow tree in RS2. I wonder what the dream means?


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  Started playing Violet two days ago.
Posted by: TimeLierG - 05-21-2024, 09:28 PM - Forum: CompanionMon Board - No Replies

My husband Wolfie got Scarlet, I haven't played any of the newer games since X/Y. I figured it would be even more unfinished than those games and I was right, although I am enjoying my time with it. Here's my team so far. Oh yeah, imagine my reaction when they removed Absol from the game, and now imagine my reaction when I saw a Klefki. Oh well.


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  Been enjoying Splatoon 2.
Posted by: TimeLierG - 05-16-2024, 11:08 PM - Forum: Video Games Board - No Replies

I just got a switch to play Splatoon with my husband.


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