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Posted by: PongusMcShlongus - 03-02-2024, 02:01 AM - Forum: Lost Media Board - No Replies


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  Deadly Towers
Posted by: PongusMcShlongus - 03-02-2024, 01:34 AM - Forum: Third Generation - No Replies

- Deadly Towers -

* Gameplay: 6
* Difficulty: 7
* Sound: 2
* Graphics: 7
* Final Rating: 6.2

- Review -

wonderous game with marvelous design for the main characterus. the music is grating to the ears however also the enemy design is ratherus unpleasant to put it lightly yes indeed. the final boss is two lion balls

- Cheats -

* O51O1MYILJ - max hp

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  TimeLierG Companions Update - 2/27/2024
Posted by: TimeLierG - 02-28-2024, 03:45 AM - Forum: Site Updates / News - Replies (1)

Hello! I have just added more anti-bot features to the site, they haven't been an issue but even so I like to ensure that the site is secure and no fake users are joining. As stated previously by me, we are heavily anti-AI, if we catch any user using anything AI they will be permanently banned from this site, this includes if the account itself is being operated by AI. We have very good systems for detecting all forms of bots, you won't have to worry about being flagged as one.

Aside from this I have also added a lost media board, I often binge lost media discussions so I thought it would be cool to have discussions of it here as well. If you plan to post any NSFW lost media then do so on the NSFW boards if you are a verified 18+ adult, if you aren't then the content won't be accessible for you. There will be more to see under TimeLierG Games soon as I have been working on another project. That's all for now, I know it's not much, there will be more to see on our site soon. Thank you for staying with us.

Actually, I will make a poll on what board should be added next. So, which board would you like to see on our site? I will respond to this post with the winning board when the poll ends.

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  Spiritual Commissions
Posted by: TimeLierG - 02-25-2024, 04:10 PM - Forum: Lifestyle - No Replies

Any time I commission art of my true self, my spiritual Therian form (fursona) that I have spiritual visions of, the art is sadly never accurate to no fault of the artist themselves, they are wonderful but maybe I'll go into more detail for the next pieces and not ask for a cartoon style. It's a situation where you are telling someone to draw you realistically despite not seeing you, 100% accuracy is not possible.
Anyone else trying to do the same?

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  When the gabbers don't notice...
Posted by: TimeLierG - 02-25-2024, 04:58 AM - Forum: Video Games Board - Replies (2)

I knew they wouldn't, that's why I posted it, lol. Let me know who made the original gif so I can credit them. I always wondered if most users on that platform are bots, who knows.

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  Crescent Quest 1.7.3
Posted by: TimeLierG - 02-20-2024, 03:56 AM - Forum: Update Notes - No Replies

Here's some update notes for Crescent Quest 1.7.3.

* Added a teleport to Sijak'notsa which requires the Pious Pirate quest.

* Added the Druid Delivery quest.

* Added the Love Under Amserith quest.

* Added new rewards for specific quests.

* Added once again, more scenery to more towns.

* Fixed the Kraketozar, the key it drops could not be used on the chest.

* Fixed multiple high level spells and altered their effects.

* Fixed certain foes HP to be more consistent with others.

* Fixed an issue with the Crafting Kit.

* Updated the effects of some consumable items.

* Updated the intro scene of the game.

* The Sijak'notsa Helm now has different requirements to wear.

* The Lunar New Years event has ended, the Valentine's Day event is still ongoing.

* There's currently an issue where running or walking causes a visual error where the ground brightens, I will be looking into this.

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  Crescent Quest 1.7.2 - Valentine's Day Event
Posted by: TimeLierG - 02-07-2024, 07:27 AM - Forum: Update Notes - No Replies

Here's the updates for Crescent Quest 1.7.2.

* The Valentine's Day event has started, you can obtain limited time rabbit ears and chocolate hearts from the event itself.. These items will not be discontinued. Speak with the two lovers in Cressora Castle to obtain these items!

* The black screen during the updated tutorial has been fixed, I feel absurdly stupid for not seeing that one sooner and I apologize, this would appear when the player would attempt to purify a dagger.

* Updated the Compestius Tower and the rewards within, Protection Daggers are now more difficult to obtain and require Defence experience. Previously the Ashloer P. Dagger was needed to get the Amserith one, there is now a Crescent P. Dagger in place of the Ashloer one.

* Fixed the Lunar New Year Boots being worn on the head.

* Fixed an issue with the Purifying Shard.

* Fixed an audio issue near the Wooded Realm mist dial.

* Fixed monk outfit colors.

* Fixed the boot chest under Cressora Castle.

* Fixed backgrounds during certain battles.

* Added a new option under settings to disable in-game warnings.

* Added more weapon abilities.

* Added a few more characters who will buy spare items such as boss drops.

* Quivers now give a penalty to Magic when worn.

* Halos are finally available and can be blessed, they had been in the game for a long time but weren't fully obtainable previously, you could at one point get them from crafting (Repairing) using Unusual Fragments but now each of them are obtained from different bosses.

* Revival Coirts can now be bought from the Mage Tower.

* The Crafting Kit was added for Repairing, you can use fragments directly from the inventory now. I'll have to go and fix some dialogue due to this, the blacksmith shop in Malatirgus Town will soon have another use.

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  i have paingus in my pinglas
Posted by: PongusMcShlongus - 02-03-2024, 06:55 AM - Forum: Nostalgia Board - No Replies


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  Crescent Quest 1.7.1 - Lunar New Years
Posted by: TimeLierG - 01-27-2024, 07:52 AM - Forum: Update Notes - No Replies

Here are some updates notes for Crescent Quest 1.7.1.

* The Lunar New Years event has started, you can access it through the Cressora Town event portal, there's a few new items to earn. All Lunar New Year items will be obtainable again in future events.

* Re-added Legacy Mode. This mode is not finished yet but can still be played, I will be working on it more over the next few months.

* Updated the New Lusnayin tutorial.
* Updated the Old Spitehound to be more of a "beginner boss".
* Added a new low level boss / foe to the west of Cressora Town.
* Added additional rewards after certain quests are completed, try re-visiting certain quest locations!
* Added more ways to obtain cures for status inflictions.
* Added more ores throughout the world.

* Added a way to craft a new healing item, every boss will always drop an item that allows you to make a better version of the Statue's Remnants. You will need an Energy Renewal for this!

* The mage who gives you experience depending on the Renown you have has been moved to Cressora Castle.
* Fixed the Crescent Guild not being able to be entered.
* Fixed an issue with bridges around the world.
* Fixed certain doors around the game, some could be stepped on.
* Fixed some quest dialogue errors relating to the progress of the quests.
* Fixed a lighting issue when entering the Wooded Realm from another area.

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  Crescent Quest 1.7.0 - More Quest Fixes
Posted by: TimeLierG - 01-15-2024, 05:21 AM - Forum: Update Notes - No Replies

Here are the update notes for Crescent Quest 1.7.0.

* Many quests in the game have been altered, this is due to an error that was occurring for many of them where the first steps of a quest could be redone, the characters involved in said quests would reappear but wasn't an issue for the most part. I added additional dialogue and changed the stats of certain quests / quest bosses as well.

* Updated the graphics / textures of many sprites, items, and scenery. This is noticeable around towns, cities, as well as the players inventory.

* Added and updated shops around the world, it is now easier for the player to obtain lower tier armor without the need to smith them. Helms, chestplates and shields have been graphically updated.

* I re-implemented the anti-cheat features due to player complaints, it's not perfect by any means but I have improved it by a significant amount. As usual, if you want to prove you've made the progress that you did then it is recommended to record or live stream the game.

* I have re-added the old title screen and altered the style of the default player character, instead of it being entirely new it's just more detailed now. I understand the new sprite didn't fit the style of the game too well.

* Removed the music from the game again due to complaints, I will implement the music again when it's more pleasant to the ears.

* Fixed the travel spells, they weren't working as intended due to the new experience feature. Speaking of spells, there's more information now on the exact experience you need in order to use specific spells.

* Removed many pieces of armor such as the Lygrant Follower set, Master Mage set, and Shale armor. If you had any of these then worry not, they will be replaced with new armor.

* Updated the reward shops for many mini-games, most of these had outdated items that are not very useful as these shops were created many years ago.

* I am looking into issues regarding the character dating / marriage feature, Christmas quests, and tile errors. Due to this the Christmas event will remain active for a few more days.

* Two handed swords are held in two hands now.

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