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Crescent Quest 1.7.2 - Valentine's Day Event
Here's the updates for Crescent Quest 1.7.2.

* The Valentine's Day event has started, you can obtain limited time rabbit ears and chocolate hearts from the event itself.. These items will not be discontinued. Speak with the two lovers in Cressora Castle to obtain these items!

* The black screen during the updated tutorial has been fixed, I feel absurdly stupid for not seeing that one sooner and I apologize, this would appear when the player would attempt to purify a dagger.

* Updated the Compestius Tower and the rewards within, Protection Daggers are now more difficult to obtain and require Defence experience. Previously the Ashloer P. Dagger was needed to get the Amserith one, there is now a Crescent P. Dagger in place of the Ashloer one.

* Fixed the Lunar New Year Boots being worn on the head.

* Fixed an issue with the Purifying Shard.

* Fixed an audio issue near the Wooded Realm mist dial.

* Fixed monk outfit colors.

* Fixed the boot chest under Cressora Castle.

* Fixed backgrounds during certain battles.

* Added a new option under settings to disable in-game warnings.

* Added more weapon abilities.

* Added a few more characters who will buy spare items such as boss drops.

* Quivers now give a penalty to Magic when worn.

* Halos are finally available and can be blessed, they had been in the game for a long time but weren't fully obtainable previously, you could at one point get them from crafting (Repairing) using Unusual Fragments but now each of them are obtained from different bosses.

* Revival Coirts can now be bought from the Mage Tower.

* The Crafting Kit was added for Repairing, you can use fragments directly from the inventory now. I'll have to go and fix some dialogue due to this, the blacksmith shop in Malatirgus Town will soon have another use.

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