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Just a repost from my Gab.
I just wanted to point out how morally bankrupt this "Shades" guy is, he is a fake furry plain and simple. For most of us here and me included our fursonas are our souls, it is our spirituality, who we are. Fursonas are literally how someone feels inside, it represents them on a deep level. This extends beyond just furries, I've seen folks online use their own non-furry interruptions of themselves for how they feel spirituality. And what of the otherkin folk? I rarely hear of them but I highly respect them, they become one with themselves just as we do, this stuff is quite literally in our DNA, even some of our ancestors have done the same. While not the same by any means I will bring up the totemism belief, it is an ancient spiritual belief in that one has a mystical connection to an animal, if I am remembering correctly it is simply a connection to said animal and not that they are the animal but look deeper, look at other beliefs throughout history and you will find some which relate to furries. I will mention, do not harass this person, do not even give them any attention, they will not be remembered like we are.

People like to stretch the definition on what a furry is, some say simply looking at furry art makes one as such, but this is such a ridiculous statement I don't think anyone can actually believe this after a few seconds of thought. Does liking Hitler's art make someone a nazi? No. Does someone appreciating the art of a straight or homosexual person make them the same? No. If someone has a fursona but has no connection to it and views it as "fun", what is the point of this? That's like saying you are a Christian without believing in God Jesus Christ. It's no different than the degenerate people wearing leather dog masks who claim to be furries to corrupt our communities. Being a furry is this, You have a fursona who you are, who you bond with, and you know what, if you aren't that spiritual of a person yet then that's fine, as long as you have a bond and passion for your fursona that means you are a furry, and if you want to question my stance on this I have been in so many furry communities over the years, archived many old furry sites and forums from the late 90s and early 2000s, I became a furry in the middle of 2011, I've met many people both good and bad, I can identify a furry when I see one. Our art, dedication, passion, culture, fursuits, communities of love, portraying ourselves as who we truly are inside and out, spiritual and material, this is us, this is who we are, this is what a furry is.

If you have a true bond with your fursona then you are a furry, it truly is as simple as that. It doesn't matter if you just like our crafts, our art, any of our other content, that alone does not make you a furry even if others throw the word "furry" around as a flair / buzz word. Spiritual energy and the personifications that come with it are things that a portion of the world has lost over time, some people don't even think it's real, it's no different from how across the world some have turned away from religion. There is great spiritual energy that is given to you, whatever you may be, whoever you may be. You will stand tall as yourself and there's nothing fake furs can do about it. There's a reason our art and culture was a fairly big part of the early internet, some folks heavily knew who they were and found a community just like them, this place is no different, I intend to keep this site like this, a relic of the past but also one of a bright future.
Just as a small side note, and I know this is a touchy subject but I wonder what would happen if this person told folk who are truly spiritually a man or a woman of the opposite sex the same thing? He wouldn't dare do that because he puts value in his meaningless virtue signaling points, except when it comes to communities or people he knows he can try to bully and get away with doing so.

By the way, I would like to say something else, the communities of people who feel they are the opposite sex were always there but to a lesser extent, just like we were. They too have had their communities corrupted by outsiders, posers. This has happened to every community which has not had proper gatekeeping, the only solution is to keep having our real communities around like on this site right here. The true spiritual people of furries, folks who are spiritually the other sex, homosexuals, straights, our folks have all been censored, we are all the silent majority, we have been flooded with "normies" who call themselves furries but are not, who call themselves homosexuals but are not. This is all for now, I thank you for reading from my soul and heart.

Art by SoniTweek. If the artist would like these taken down then I will remove them.

I love my husband Wolfie for eternity! And Honey the Cat. For a list of almost all of my online stuff / profiles such as Steam, Newgrounds etc, check my profile. I go by TimeLierG almost everywhere.
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I found another fake furry who steals art - Meleeman.

He goes by @Meleeman on Gab. He is anti-God and says he "wants all religion gone" and "tries all the time to convert people to atheist". He stole art from someone by the name of Creepincrawl because Meleeman has no fursona / no soul. He also told me and my partner that we should die because of my sexuality, yet in another comment Meleeman says, "omfg hi i want to be the biggest furf*g ever". I have all screenshots saved of these public comments of his, all information here is publicly available. He also says he supports a group of people which aren't left or right which support topics I don't even want to list here, but it includes non-consensual actions, p*dophilia, and so much more. Don't let this fake furry in your communites, this isn't discrimination, this is for safety. Here is all of the public proof.

1/16/2023 - 11:45 PM Update

There's more posts of him praising lol*con and promoting it, calling himself God, promoting the j*b publicly, he follows the talm*d as well. NOTE: I do not promote anything he is saying, these screenshots contain threatening messages directed at Christians and all other races that aren't his own. I will post the legal and public screenshots below. Some of the comments he posted are illegal under US and European law.

I love my husband Wolfie for eternity! And Honey the Cat. For a list of almost all of my online stuff / profiles such as Steam, Newgrounds etc, check my profile. I go by TimeLierG almost everywhere.
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An update, there are a few fake furries still following Meleeman after I showed them all what he has done in regards to p*dophilia and his anti-religious views. All information here is already public and legal.
Foxglove is the only one who admitted he was not a furry and has no connection to a fursona or anything in any furry communities, yet all of them still follow and keep a p*do (Meleeman) in their social circles, this is not an accusation or slander, all of the factual evidence is on their profiles on Gab. Check the screenshots for more information. Those three people listed above are all defending this horrible person.
I love my husband Wolfie for eternity! And Honey the Cat. For a list of almost all of my online stuff / profiles such as Steam, Newgrounds etc, check my profile. I go by TimeLierG almost everywhere.
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