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Runescape Memories
Coming home after school in 2006, logging into Runescape on my grandfathers PC and farming chaos druids for gp, listening to Pendulum (hold your color), those were the days at the tender age of nine. I won't forget those times.

Not my screenshots also, I have a massive archive of old RS2 (and RS1 / RSC) stuff and not just screenshots either. One of my favorite hobbies is preserving one of my favorite games / MMOs of all time. Some screenshots are from the beta of RS2.

I was going to post these as well, instead of editing the original post I'll just put them here. If someone reverse image searches some of these they will probably find our site, lol. Some of these are very obscure. I do have more as well but this will be all for now. If you are wondering, these are from the old RS website in 2005.

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