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FurAltaris - Prerelease Information
This is a game I have been planning out for a long time now as you may have seen it listed here for quite a while, FurAltaris is a very story based game, it has a lot of dialogue and focuses on that. It takes place in a small town known as Feaeblight, in this town lies an aged mansion known as "The Old Ruler's Mansion" which holds a mine within the depths, and beyond this is your journey. You can think of the mine as a deep sea, spiral depths leading downwards.

Choose from a few species such as a wolf, fox, rabbit, and skunk, along with starting classes that you feel matches you the best, there is also an option for a hardcore mode where you only have one life, the death will be permanent should you fall within the mines to a foe. I was originally going to have the game play like an arcade game where you have one life by default and no saves, if I decide to do this when the final game releases then I will include the option to skip the intro of the game if you have seen it at least once. Other species and classes will be unlockable, they can be unlocked by completing certain achievements.

I intend for this to be a short RPG game but very replayable with a New Game Plus feature and with the mentioned achievements. Many features from Crescent Quest will be included in FurAltaris as it is using Crescent Quest itself as a base. All of the same scripts, coding, data, and so on comes from Crescent Quest, just slightly altered.

As with most of my games it is being developed, created, produced, etc with RPG Maker VX Ace. As with all of my games it is being worked on solely by myself, TimeLierG. More information will be provided soon.
I love my husband Wolfie for eternity! And Honey the Cat. For a list of almost all of my online stuff / profiles such as Steam, Newgrounds etc, check my profile. I go by TimeLierG almost everywhere.
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