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NiGHTS Into Dreams
- NiGHTS into Dreams -

* Gameplay: 8.5
* Difficulty: 2
* Sound: 10
* Graphics: 10
* Final Rating: 9.5

- Cheats -

* Twin Seeds (Final Level) - Achieve at least a C rank on every level.

* Two Player Versus - Defeat Reala.

* Both the regular NiGHTs disc and the Christmas NiGHTs disc contain wallpapers / images. I don't think there's different images depending on the region like the SA1 / SA2 discs.

* If I ever find out how to trigger the King Nightopian / Super Pian I'll post it here, I had two of them on Spring Valley once at the same time. It might just be random.

* Unlock Self - Do a backflip.

- Christmas NiGHTS -

* System Clock Events - From January 1st - January 15th Claris and Elliot will have New Year outfits. On February 14th hearts will be falling from the sky. Before and after Feb. 14th the game will be in "Winter NiGHTS" mode with a new title screen, costumes, and music on said title screen. On March 14th candy will be falling from the sky. On April 1st NiGHTs is swapped with Reala, this also goes for the boss fight. On December 24th the man in red himself, Santa, will be flying across Winter Spring Valley. From November 26th - December 25th there is a new title screen with NiGHTs wearing their Santa outfit along with new music. Many things happen / appear on December 25th at certain times such as a full moon, a sun, an eclipse, purple crystals falling from the sky, stars falling from the sky, possibly more? (As far as I'm aware that's all).

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