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Crescent Quest 1.6.6 - Split Arrow Event
Here are the update notes for Crescent Quest 1.6.6.

* Hello, Crescent Knights. The Halloween event has ended and a new event has started. You can claim two limited time consumable items, the Keedspelt Bread and Bean Stew. When used you can return to the Cressora Town event portal for more until the event is over where they will become unobtainable. While not part of the event you will also be able to obtain the limited time Wolfie Cake from the same event portal.

* Deorliht Shards can now be found after the Deorliht Hilt is discovered, I planned to add these in late 2015 but I didn't get around to it. The shards cannot be used as of now, they are simply a collectable.

* Adjusted the amount of health and energy recovered from certain consumables.

* Smelter Angels have appeared in eastern Wythdire, they bring new equipment and items for those with enough Slaying experience. It's recommended to bring some divine protection.

* Updated the sprites of certain equipment such as boots, leggings, pendants, and more.

* Fixed multiple issues with the new player house feature.

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