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Why is the media trying to popularize us?
This happens every month, the media puts out a news piece on us furs and it gets spammed endlessly for a week before it stops. This is NOT a natural flow of news. I don't know why they are doing it aside from trying to disrupt our communities, we had to start gatekeeping a while back because of this. They keep trying to put "our culture" in colleges and movies, I put our culture in quotations because the media never mentions our spirituality, art, history both online and offline, they never mention our creations or who we are, it's always about our fursuits or they even go as far as to compare us to those leather dog mask wearing losers.
Yeah, I'm noticing it, I've been noticing it the past two years. Are they trying to get normies to think they are furries so they climb into our communities? Are they trying to ruin our culture? This is a reason why I archive, our furry communities were degenerating since around 2014, it's not the same as it was in the 90s / 2000s. These news stories are only going to make them worse, we prefer being left alone in our own corners of the internet.

An update here, I'm noticing more and more folks realizing that things aren't right, something happened since the 2000s, as I said above it feels like things really started to change around 2014 and is rapidly increasing with furries being displayed everywhere, at coffee shops, colleges (having fursona creation clubs), someone just posted an image the other day showing furry attire, specifically shirts being sold at Hot Topic and Spencers, the shirts at Spencers had the text "Feral and Horny", it's like they are mocking us. The shirts themselves displayed a fursona in the middle, I have no evidence of this so it's not confirmed but I wonder if it is stolen from someone.

This feels like an open mockery and attack on us, so normies see it and say, "look they are all perverted just like the media said!" as well as having the secondary effect of having some of the normies think it's "cool" and pretending to be one of us, joining our communities only to ruin and degrade them and us but we won't let it happen. Always gatekeep. Remember how nerd culture went away back in the day due to everyone getting into nerdy things? It's similar to that but so much worse as this isn't just a hobby for some of us, it's a very spiritual thing, and even if some viewed it as just a hobby it's just as bad cause it's a total loss of our culture. I feel like locking our site here and being more restrictive on who can enter due to this, it's disgusting and I will refuse to let a day happen where our culture is completely ruined by these unwanted posers. I will ensure that this site remains secure.
I have just made a video on this.

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