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How we get rid of AI generated content.
With our stand against AI generated content such as the abysmal and grotesque AI art which can only do up to around three styles with multiple limbs, AI generated voices which cannot perfectly replicate someone, AI script writing which is full of mistakes, one of which is that it is boring and uncreative, we will list how we handle these things and ban them from our platform(s).

I am very knowledgeable on how to spot AI generated content and this will never change, I pass this knowledge onto others, some who may even try and fail to implement it into "their own" AI project. Our stance against AI generated content comes purely from how disgusting it is, the art is ugly, the generated voices are ugly and not pleasant to listen to, an AI cannot replicate emotion, interactions, creativity, it's like someone throwing a bunch of buckets of paint at a wall and expecting it to look great. There's no such thing as "I made this" when it comes to AI creation, you didn't make it and neither did the AI because it's not real. If you would like to prove that you've done something yourself online then record yourself drawing art, making or playing video games, record yourself preforming music, and so on, it would make it even better if you used a face cam or camera pointed at your paws / hands like some speedrunners do.

If you post AI generated content on our website or any other of our platforms you will be permanently banned. This is to uphold soul and quality here as we always have, it's also to avoid lawsuits as AI can only take from others, it will never be able to create by itself, AI will always be made by sentient beings, it cannot reproduce and it amazes me that I have to say this, want to know why it will continue to fail? Because the folks who think it is sentient are building them, it's why AI is dysfunctional. We don't have to go out of our way to find out if something is AI generated, one glance and it's enough. I'm making this post so that everyone knows this place is safe and soulful and always will be, I will pass on what I have here to those I train myself, the other Head Companions on this site. This also serves as a warning to those who desire to post "AI content", you will be banned and that's all.

AI cannot create "intent", that is in the eye of the creator, not by machine. A story or a pictures meaning is all held by the author, that is the soul.
This is a small update, I haven't addressed the likelihood of someone sending AI accounts to our site and trying to converse with other users, we have an endless amount of measures that will halt this issue. We already have bots trying to sign up, AI is slightly different than a bot in that it's even more obvious it's not real. When I browse whatever boards on 4chan I can always pick up on if the post is AI generated, it's no different here. I could say the tactics I / we use and it would be fine but just to make things easier we will not say the methods used, we also plan to add a new badge to our site which will appear next to the 18+ verification one, this badge will signify that the user is real. It's not possible to obtain by doing anything in specific, as of right now it will only be given to those who are close to me or at least those who I know very well and have spoken with. This site may look simple but we will absolutely know if someone is using a bot or an AI.

We know how many fake users there are on other social media sites, we will not let it happen here. Thank you for staying with us.

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