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Crescent Quest 1.7.1 - Lunar New Years
Here are some updates notes for Crescent Quest 1.7.1.

* The Lunar New Years event has started, you can access it through the Cressora Town event portal, there's a few new items to earn. All Lunar New Year items will be obtainable again in future events.

* Re-added Legacy Mode. This mode is not finished yet but can still be played, I will be working on it more over the next few months.

* Updated the New Lusnayin tutorial.
* Updated the Old Spitehound to be more of a "beginner boss".
* Added a new low level boss / foe to the west of Cressora Town.
* Added additional rewards after certain quests are completed, try re-visiting certain quest locations!
* Added more ways to obtain cures for status inflictions.
* Added more ores throughout the world.

* Added a way to craft a new healing item, every boss will always drop an item that allows you to make a better version of the Statue's Remnants. You will need an Energy Renewal for this!

* The mage who gives you experience depending on the Renown you have has been moved to Cressora Castle.
* Fixed the Crescent Guild not being able to be entered.
* Fixed an issue with bridges around the world.
* Fixed certain doors around the game, some could be stepped on.
* Fixed some quest dialogue errors relating to the progress of the quests.
* Fixed a lighting issue when entering the Wooded Realm from another area.

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