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Crescent Quest 1.7.6 - Fungus are Among Us
Here are the updates for Crescent Quest 1.7.6.

* Added Ear Plugs.
* Added the Moonlight Scythe, created with Moonlight Ore.
* Added Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple Crescent Rings.
* Added the Crescent Hand.
* Added a quality assurance credit list to the intro.
* Added the Spotted Fungus Cape.
* Added the Spotted Fungus Cap.
* Altered the dialogue to include the exact experience needed for the Smelter Angel area in Wythdire.

* Added Bulwark Fungi, you will need quite a lot of Slaying experience to duel with these pesky, suspicious mushrooms who roam the outskirts of Keedbalt. A renegade warrior named Wolfaei will help guide you to them as he is well versed in this specific species of fungi.

* Added more to the Keedbalt Outskirts, you can now fight Crescent Knights there if you have the courage and strength for it. You can also harvest a new type of plant found in the outskirts which will slowly recover Energy over time.

Post on the forums if there's any issues with this latest update, I've made some internal changes to the game! Everything should be working as expected.

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