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Region Restrictions and Bans - 6/7/2024
Hello, to ensure the safety of our users and the site we will be blocking any connections and accounts from these following regions; India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and China.

There have been way too many reports of users signing up and signing in from these regions only to attempt to scam our users or lure them to shady websites, sometimes this is done by bots and sometimes it's not done by bots, if someone adds and then asks you to purchase an artwork commission I would highly advise against it unless you know for a fact that you can trust this individual, this also goes for off-site links. A line has to be drawn at some point, it's also worth saying that we are based in the United States, our users are mostly from the US and Japan, we have a culture that we must protect and keep safe, if someone wants to join our site they must adapt and adhere to our culture, our rules, and these regions? They aren't doing it so they are banned from accessing our site and services.

If you are from one of these regions and would like to join you could try messaging us first, if we see you are a genuine individual and think you would fit in here then we will allow you access to our site and services.

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